2018 Officers and Board of Directors

Commodore Mitch Hubert info@mmyc.org
Staff Commodore Rick Estebo info@mmyc.org
Vice Commodore of Sail Joe Shepro vcsail@mmyc.org
Vice Commodore of Power Sue Mars meetthefleet@mmyc.org
Rear Commodore Amanda Nelson 100miler@mmyc.org
Secretary Pat Mullen secretary@mmyc.org
Treasurer Sue Keer info@mmyc.org
Director – Marketing/Communications Brian Chaltry marketing@mmyc.org
Director – Membership Committee Marcia Hubert info@mmyc.org
Director – Social Committee Patches Vernon social@mmyc.org
Director – House Committee Russell Ross house@mmyc.org
Director at Large Mark Enderby info@mmyc.org
Director – Trophy Committee Connie Doboy info@mmyc.org
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